Today we reveal the result of the official collaboration between Mungra and BMW. Need a ride? We’ve got you covered with the uniquely designed MUNGRA x BMW i8 roadster, a sportscar redefined. Featuring the iconic MUNGRA leather seats and all the high-tech you need to make your road trip an experience.

The MUNGRA x BMW i8 roadster is designed for everyone who expects the highest quality in everything. The new hybrid-electric car has a top speed of 250 kph on pure electric driving. Driving this special shows that you commit to a sustainable environment by cutting down on CO2 emissions.

The MUNGRA x BMW i8 roadster is optimized by BMW eDrive Technology, which boast an upgraded version of lithium-ion battery. Drivers can enjoy five driving modes using the eDrive button. Hybrid driving modes include COMFORT, SPORT and ECO PRO while and COMFORT and ECO PRO are all-electric drive modes. A high-voltage unit that is positioned at the middle of both cars’ underbody has a cell capacity of 34 Ah and gross energy capacity of 11 kilowatt hours. The emission-free electric motor can produce up to 141 horsepower and 184 lb.-ft. of torque.

The new MUNGRA x BMW i8 roadster is powered by the BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology 1,499 cc three-cylinder gasoline engine, combined with a hybrid synchronous electric motor. The car contains the lightweight design, optimized aerodynamics and advanced plug-in hybrid drive system technology, which are signature feature of BMW i8 sports cars since its 2014.

The MUNGRA x BMW i8 roadster is exclusively available at Van Poelgeest, starting from €150.000,-

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